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Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Bogdan Voda University of Cluj-Napoca was established in 1994, in Baia Mare, with the specialization of “Physical Education and Management in Sports”, the first in the country with such a profile. The last generation of graduates, of the long duration form, graduated in 2005, along with the specialization of “Physical education and sports”, inaugurated in the academic year 2002-2003, with the first graduation in 2006. This specialization was accredited by Law no. 132/17 of May 2005 and has continued its operation in Baia Mare, with its own infrastructure and spaces rented for its practical courses.

The specific mission of the faculty
  • Training of specialists in the field of physical education and performance sport;
  • Providing of nationally and internationally compatible knowledge to graduates;
  • Awarding of staff members and students for participation in cooperation activities on inter-university level, national and international level;
  • Training of youth from other countries;
  • Defending the democratic framework built on the respect of the fundamental rights and liberties of the individual and citizen;
  • Cultivating the respect for the moral and civic values, for the protection of nature and environment.

Bachelor's degree studies